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About Me

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Master of it all - he's the program director for the #1 station in Hip Hop and R&B station in the area & the evening drive on-air personality from 3p-7p.   Dj Dap begin his career in radio on his home town college station WKGC AM 1480 when he was just in high school.  The station belonged to the local college Gulf Coast Community College at the time.  He had a hip hop show every Sunday evening. Little did he know at the time, this would be the start of his 20 plus year career in radio.  After leaving high school he was drawn to Tallahassee to the Marching 100 @FAMU.  Dj Dap marched in the famous band from 1991 to 1993 with the last performance being the President Clinton Inaugural parade in Washington D.C.  Being freshmen & sophomore in the Marching 100 meant practicing every day for hours with performances on the weekend, so he could never get back into radio during this time.  However, he had fellow upper class band members who marched in the band & were a part of the local college radio station.  It did not take long for Dap to get an invite to the station from his fellow band members who were impressed with his skills as a Dj.  Every now & then Dap would dj a party or two at a local club when not performing in the band in the off season or an off week. After leaving the band he decided to take the college station invite to visit.  Well after that one visit he ended staying & becoming a part of the college station where he ended up landing a 4p-7 evening shift on the college radio station at Florida A&M University's  FM station WAMF 90.5.  While at the station Dap would also end up helping to produce & edit E-360 a national entertainment show & turn the 4p-7p shift into the most popular show on the station catching the attention of Wilson Broadcasting, an independent radio company that had just started working on opening a new urban station in the market.  Shortly after being on the college station he was picked up & hired by the new Hip Hop & R&B radio station in Tallahassee WVHT where he became the evening drive on air personality.  His show became the most popular show on the station shortly after his arrival.  The station ended up using Dap’s producing skills & named him the Production Manager.  With his skills as a club dj & after being the evening drive talent & Production Manager for about a year Dap was asked to become the new Program Director for the radio station for the next 4 years.  The station was sold & a 8 months later Dj Dap was hired by Cumulus Broadcasting to come & do weekends.  Also during this time Dap developed & hosted his own local video show which he named JAM TV.  Interviewing national as well as regional & local artist & playing artist videos. He also partnered with & started promoting

T-Pain who had just started his career as an R&B singer after a break from the Nappy Headz. Dap reached out to T-Pain to ask him to partner with him & his Tallahassee Hot Boyz for a club night similar to Dap’s popular “That’s My Dog Sunday” parties he had started with Total Kaos at the time. In exchange for doing the parties & helping produce the commercials T-Pain agreed to host & produce commercials as long as Dap would help him promote his new singing career. They both agreed. Months later T-Pain signed to Akon’s Konvict Records.  Dap did not give up on radio though, while working with T-Pain, doing JAM TV, promoting through his 850 Records Promotions company with Big Cat Records to promote Gucci Mane’s new single “So Icey” he still longed to return to radio.  He decided to meet with the new Blazin 1023 radio station in town & accept a weekend radio show.  He started as the Sunday night Dj from 10p-12a where he turned the 2 hours no one wanted into a popular Sunday night Hip Hop show on the station.  Dap was now being asked to do overnights for the entire week.  It wasn’t long before everyone was talking about the over nights on Blazin 1023 with Dj Dap.  The evening drive on the station became available & Dap had to compete for the spot & won. He was now the new night job on the popular new hip hop station in the market. Shortly after Dap arrived at night the station moved into the number one spot in the market where it now stays.  By 2006 Dj Dap was asked to become the new Program Director & evening drive personality of WWLD were he has now been for over 13 years with over 26 years total of radio & urban music experience

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